24/7 Live Stream on YouTube Using Ubuntu VPS


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Hello guys, I am trying to buy a VPS to Live Stream 24/7 on YouTube. The video I am trying to live stream is a 30-minute video that loops using OBS software.

Now, the image I have attached here is the specifications of the VPS I am trying to purchase. It's going to use UBUNTU as its OS and It's 200 MBit/s per port. My Ideal OBS setting would be the setting that would allow me to stream 24/7 live at either 720p 60 fps or 1080p 30fps on YouTube.

So, in your opinion what would be a good setting for OBS so that I can either stream in 720p or 1080p? I mean what OBS settings can this VPS handle according to the VPS specifications listed in the image attached?

Can someone please take a look at the image below and list the settings for OBS which would be ideal for smooth streaming, as a reply? Also please keep in mind that I am not sure if this server comes with gpu or encoding hardware or software. My guess is no. And honestly, I am not even sure if I would need that to stream a 30-Minute video 24/7.

This would highly be appreciated.
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