Question / Help 2012 Mac Mini streamed with minor dropped frames last week, but not now


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Hello. I'm brand new to streaming video, and I have gotten a lot of help from reading this forum to get our live stream working last week, including using a filter to offset video! What a great support group this is!

I've searched here, and can't really find an answer for minimum specs using a Mac Mini. Last week, we streamed at 720, and this week, I can't get more than 540. My specs are:

2012 Mac Mini, 16GB RAM, i5 Quad core, 1tb SSD, Intel HD graphics, OSX Mojave
Using BlackMagic Mini Recorder receiving HDMI input from a Roland V-02HD 2 channel switcher.
I'm trying to use 1080 or at least 720 at 30fps. Our upload speed is around 6mbps.

Last week, we streamed at 720p, and while there were a few dropped frames, it still streamed fairly well. This week during our service practice, all attempts to stream at 720 were extremely choppy, and I noticed encoding overload message. The only difference is, last week I was streaming only, this week I tried streaming and recording. I thought that may have caused the problem, so I turned off recording and streamed again, and the problem persists. What am I doing wrong? Did a new version of OBS come out? I did have automatically update OBS turned on, and I've turned that off.

Can anyone help me? Was it a fluke that the first stream even worked at all? Or should this Mac Mini be able to handle streaming? Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


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This was happening to me so often, I finally just installed a bootcamp partition with windows 10 and ran OBS there. Runs so much smoother. Still have dropped frames here and there but at least I can stream. OBS and older Mac Mini's just dont get a long.