192KHz sound option?


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I bought a 192Khz 16 bit mic and I want to fully use it.
OBS doesn't allow me to configure audio above 48Khz, I even downloaded a plug-in (This one: https://github.com/Andersama/obs-asio) and still can't configure audio rate above 48KHz.
192KHz audio without adding anything to the thread, please go away, I have come looking for help, not silly comments.


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Hi Dan, welcome aboard.

Unfortunately you put the screws on yourself. 192kHz makes only sense in ADC when you are about to have your complete workflow in 192kHz till the last step. That is the case with huge non-linear editors or DAWs like Nuendo, Cubase,...

OBS is an instant live production system. There is a - relative - short way from any source over a handful of filters (if any) to the mixing sum. So 192kHz really doesn't make any sense to OBS.

You may worry a bit more about 16bit, if that's a highly praised microphone (or pretends to be some...) as 24bit is more usual today. In any way you would experience that hardly ever even best studio condenser mics deliver not more than 22 bit equivalent content (due to eigen-noise). In most cases good mics deliver nearby 16 till 19 bit equivalent.

So if that mic works for you and sounds good, it will do it at 48kHz even too. Be happy about, keep calm and don't put screws on yourself any longer...