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  1. Tinstrocity

    After buying an Elgato HD60S+ and using the 4k Utility tool, there's no game audio going to my stream.

    Ever since I bought the elgato a couple of days ago, ive been experiencing issues. Windows 10 even crashed when i tried restarting at some point. The worst thing is, I cant seem to get any game sound pushed to my Youtube stream. Everythings unmuted, volume is up everywhere, hardware is all...
  2. S

    Question / Help OBS image 'bouncing' when recording - HELP!

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with this weird issue I'm having. For the last couple of years I've used the following set up to capture footage for youtube and had no problems. However I've recently changed to a monitor and am experiencing some weird issues with OBS! My original set up was a -...