windows capture

  1. N

    OBS 28.0.3 Problem Windows capture

    Hi, I have a problem with OBS 28.0.3 if I use VMware Workstation in full screen I cut it and I have to intervene via a double screen and change the margins, this did not happen on version 27, do you have any ideas? thank you
  2. kkyuki173

    Unable to capture the OBS screen

    Cannot capture OBS Screen through recording, streaming, or screenshot Tried Windows capture. OBS program was not in the list Tried Windows capture and a duplicate OBS process. OBS was in the list but only a black screen showed up Tried Display capture. Everything was being displayed except OBS...
  3. K

    Window capture in mac os mojave bug

    Hi! When I use "window capture" in obs, the window appears in good quality but there are black bars wich sometimes appear ( approximately all 10sec ). It's like image jump but there only black bars wich cut the image. Do you know how could I fix this issue? I use "windows capture" because...
  4. O

    Window Captures have green background when recording please help!

    Hello, I have the latest version of the program. Lately, all my window captures, regardless of browser, have green backgrounds when performing screen recordings. The audio works fine, but the background is entirely green. Please help!!
  5. TreatsF

    Window Capture capturing every window, not specific window.

    So I'm trying to capture a game that doesn't have fullscreen built-in, so I can't use Game Capture. So I tried using Window Capture! But the thing is, once I picked my game and selected "Window Title Must Match", but it's still capturing every window? Is this intentional, or is this a bug with...
  6. S

    OBS won't display my Photoshop canvas on Windows Capture.

    SO I've had this reoccurring problem for god knows how long, since I got my this laptop that I'm using, I want to stream Photoshop using OBS but it's not letting me. OF COURSE, I've tried other ways to stream photoshop using OBS. Such as DISABLING HARDWARE ACCELERATION, unticking the "Use...
  7. M

    Bug Report Black screen when windows capture

    why obs studio shows a black screen or freezes when capturing different windows? In google chrome turning off hardware acceleration its work fine but in other applications, it stays black. Please fix it I am using i5 9400 GPU: AMD RX 580