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    White noise while talking

    Hi y'all! So, I put on sound suppresion filter and it's great when im not talking, but when I say something if there's no music or background sounds it makes a really noisy white noise. Any filter or something like that that it removes this when talking? Thanks!
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    How to Remove White Noise without Noise Suppression

    If I don't enable REAGate, my microphone starts picking up random sounds from my surroundings. Though, my problem is, if I disable Noise Suppression, there is a strong white noise in the background when I am speaking. When I enable it, though, my voice sounds muffled and a bit robotic. Do you...
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    White noise even when headset is unplugged entirely

    I'm trying to start streaming on twitch and maybe using obs for youtube as well but I have a dreadful white noise in my stream and I can't seem to fix it. I tried all I could think of, but even when i unplug the headphone/mic from my computer it still has the white noise! I don't know how to fix...
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    Question / Help SHURE SM7B MIC NOISE

    Hello! Im using a Shure Sm7B Microphone. Its connected with an Scarlett Solo. Which is connected again with my pc. Im running obs and there is a noise on the background. My room is quiet. it only happens when i turn the gain up on the scarlett solo and when i turn up the gain effect in the...
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    Question / Help White Noise Over Stream When Using BlackMagic Web Presenter

    I am attempting to set up a livestream using a BlackMagic Web Presenter. On the BMD display panel, there is no abnormal audio spike. In OBS however there is constant white noise on my output and the audio meter is completely red. I have attempted to install a microphone plugin as mentioned...