1. adam_sporka

    Antavore Watermark Generator 0.0.1

    Use as an Audio Filter to imprint an (almost) inaudible watermark to your audio. This watermark will get embedded in the audio output. The content of the watermark can be an arbitrary string comprised of 7-bit ASCII characters. I.e. no Unicode at this point, and yeah, no emojis either :-)...
  2. J

    Watermark plugin

    Hey, I'd like to have a watermark (like my logo) in my output. But I often use picture in picture so I cant put a image in every scene. So did anyone knows how to solve the porblem or if ther is a plugin for obs which instert a watermark afterwards? Thanks
  3. KinkyWild1

    DYNAMIC Watermarking to prevent piracy

    I already watermark all of my live streams with a static watermark. However, this has not stopped websites from recording and redistributing my content anyway (with my watermark still attached). I was wondering if it were possible to create a plugin that could watermark the stream on the user...