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    OBS capped FPS of Game

    Hi, I got myself a new 2018 Mac Mini (Mojave 10.14.6) and set up OBS to stream Starcraft 2. Playing the game, I had 200+ FPS, but once I did a test stream with OBS my in-game FPS stays at 60. Now even when I play the game without OBS running it flickers between 59-60 FPS as if there was some...
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    Extreme Screen Tearing

    I'm reposting this because I didn't get a single reply also no, don't tell me to do something like cap my framerates or turn on vsync because literally no one in the potpvp community does that and their gameplay is still Smoove Example of people that don't cap their fps and still get smooth...
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    Question / Help No puedo stremear valorant con el vsync off

    No sé que sucede, ya que el juego me anda perfecto, de 10, tengo una buena PC, pero desactivo el vsync y el directo me va a 2 fps, 1 fps, sinceramente, no encuentro solución, cambie todas las configs y no encuentro nada, ni en Google, necesito ayuda, alguna solución? Sin vsync juego desastroso...
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    Question / Help I'm getting screen tears in my videos

    I have played with Vsync on and off, but there are still screen tears. Just so you know these screen tears are extremely minor. And only fill 1 frame with a lot of movement in the span of a few minutes, but I would still like to fix it
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    Question / Help Smooth Stream, Laggy In Game?

    GTX 1050TI I7 2600 8GB RAM Base & Output 1280X720 30FPS 3000Bitrate Bicubic Downscale Idk what else i missed out. I use game capture to stream. The stream is smooth, but my game is really laggy for me. I use v sync but i get input lag which makes ganeplay unplayable. Any alternatives? Btw...
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    Question / Help Apex Legends Stream Shuddering

    Hey there I can run the game perfectly but when Im streaming on streamlabs obs the game capture is shuddering.. THIS I can fix by enabling IN GAME Tripple Bufferings however this effects my ability to aim.. if I turn Vsync off or to Dyanamic aiming is finee but game capture shudders.. aanyonee...
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    Question / Help Vsync randomly turns on and off when I stream

    I have vsync off in both the Nvidia control panel and ingame. When it happens it's not like I can turn it off because it still says its off in the settings. If anyone knows a fix please let me know!
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    Question / Help OBS turns on V-sync in game o0?

    Few days ago i want to stream some overwatch on twitch. My settings NVENC 720p 60fps 4000 bitrate CDR Everything is ok, but when i trying to play overwatch with OBS open, i have input lag and tears is gone - i have v-sync OFF everywhere, but everytime i want to use OBS or OBS Streamlabs i have...
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    Question / Help I Can Only Stream While Using Vsync, But I Have a Good PC

    Hello, I Have A Good Gaming Pc And When I See Other People That Use A Similar Set Up They Can Stream Very Well. The problem i have is when im streaming in game im getting 150 fps. But the stream is laggy. But, right when i turn on vsync the stream is smooth. The only problem is that vsync makes...
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    Question / Help OBS to take game FPS instead of own FPS.

    Hello. So I have developed this game that is supposed to run at 30fps at all times because of low resources (Vsync enabled). This game should be streamed to YouTube via OBS at the same frame rate. However, I could not get over the fact that some frames are dropped which is most probably due to...