1. EposVox

    Mokose U70S Review: The PERFECT audio feature ALL capture cards should have!

    Today’s capture card review is of a device that might be difficult to find - it’s sold out on Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, etc. BUT a lovely Floatplane viewer found a secondary listing for it on Mokose’s website, you can find that here. The Mokose U70S is a USB 3.0 “HD Dongle 1080p 60FPS...
  2. Xarkam

    Bug Report Dual screen UAC make black screen in primary screen source on obs studio

    Hello, I have unexpected behavior. When I have a privilege elevation request via the UAC, I have no more capture of my main screen on obs. If I put my second screen as the main screen in Windows, I do not experience this black screen problem. I tested by changing the screen source to go back...