Bug Report Dual screen UAC make black screen in primary screen source on obs studio


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I have unexpected behavior.

When I have a privilege elevation request via the UAC, I have no more capture of my main screen on obs.

If I put my second screen as the main screen in Windows, I do not experience this black screen problem.
I tested by changing the screen source to go back to the first, but obs no longer seems to detect images.
To recover the capture of my pincipal screen, I have to restart obs.

The screens are both at the same frequency (60hz)

My video card is a nvidia 1070 strix and the driver version is 397.31
Obs version is 21.1.0 64bits.
Logs do not look at anything special.

And I also tested with obs start in administrator mode. The result is identical.

CMS Studio Lion

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Anyone looking into this issue?

Triple screen here. Win 10 Pro. OBS Studio 22.0.2 (64)
Any given time a program opens up the UAC to ask my permission (such as installs) . One of the screens are no longer captured properly in OBS Studio. The only thing that shows on that black screen is webcam cource. This screen is identified as nr 2 in windows Display Settings.
Interestingly enough, this is one of the secondary screens that does this every single time, same one.
Primary screen and the other secondary screen (identified as screen nr 3) works fine.