1. C

    How to add moving image to slide transition?

    What I want to do, is to have slide transition moving from left to right and moving image moving along line between scenes, so it looks like the image is pushing one scene away. I tried to do it with stinger transition, but effect isn't satisfying for me, because scenes aren't moving from left...
  2. Eize

    Problem with transition

    Hi! I have the problems with transition its just cuting video link here ← ← ← (all my settings are in this video)
  3. M

    Glitch Transition

    So I have been trolling people on various websites (Omegle, Zoom ect.) so I was wondering if there was like a glitch transition that I can use thanks if you can find help for me! Much appreciated! (PS. I already found some stingers that I can use and those work great there's just one problem...
  4. S

    Intro audio carry’s on through stinger and next scene

    Not sure if there’s a fix for this or not. But I have music playing on my intro scene. When I switch to a new scene I have a 7sec stinger transition and the audio from my intro can be heard during my stinger and also carry’s on to the next scene (which doesn’t have that music file) for just a...