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    ASIO UAD t-bolt Crash

    Hi Guys, So I already tried setting this up with just a WDM driver mixdown of what's in my UAD console but the audio in all cases (regardless of buffer or sample rate settings) was very glitchy and unusable. I tried downloading the obs-asio plugin v3.0.0 and installed bassio in the proper...
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    Program Output Compatibility with Blackmagic UltraStudio HD Mini

    Hi Everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has used the BlackMagic UltraStudio HD Mini with macOS and can confirm whether or not the program feed from OBS can be sent out of the HDMI and/or SDI output ports? The device connects via Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C port). It has SDI in/out, analog in, and HDMI...
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    Question / Help DAW Streaming with Audio interface - OBS Crackles/static noise (not buffer size)

    I've been struggling with my apollo twin duo on windows (thunderbolt). Tried every piece of software to have my DAW and OBS communicate with each other (voice meter, all the common ones, etc.) . However the only way I can do it is messing with direct sound on my daw audio preferences. But then I...
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    Question / Help Using a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme capture card with OBS - Black Screen/No Video Signal

    Hey guys, I'm trying to stream on OBS using a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme thunderbolt 2 capture box (I know it's very old)... OBS recognizes the device, but I can't get video to show up in the monitor window... I am trying a bunch of various cheap cameras... GoPros, a Canon 70d and an...
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    Question / Help Hardware Encoder Options?

    Good morning, I am new to the world of streaming and am trying to work things out. Computer setup: iMac Bootcamp Windows 10, quad-core i7-6700 4GHz, 16gb ram Inputs: PS4 through Elgato HD60S (Hence the Bootcamp for Windows instead of using the mac version of OBS), Logitech C920 webcam...
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    Question / Help No Blackmagic in OBS - connected via Thunderbolt 3

    Hello, I have BM Ultra Mini Studio Recorder and I tried to connect it to my laptop ( Asus Zenbook Pro UX550 ) via Thunderbolt 3 port ( USB - C with Thunderbolt technology. My PC shows that I have already connected my new Black Magic device but in Video Caputre Device in OBS it doesn't show at...