1. iiai snow

    How to set the maximum number of threads used by svt-av1 encoder?

    My CPU is Ryzen 9 5950X,I want use SVT-AV1 Encoder. But Minecraft's optimization is like a piece of shXt.Minecraft can't use multi threads very much.So,if I play Minecraft and use OBS-Studio in the same time,OBS is very normally but minecraft is only 25/8 fps and it can't usage the GPU very well...
  2. pxlfall

    amount of threads at 1280x1024 120fps?

    hi, im using obs to record last 1.5 min in csgo on faceit servers (faceit anti-cheat doesn't allow nvidia's shadowplay dll to inject due to security or smthng). i like to record at 120fps because i can review them at 0.5x or 0.25x speed. would 3 cores/6 threads be enough for this task? my plan...
  3. R

    Question / Help Striving for best looking stream out there @ twitch. An expert or highly experienced persons opinion/feedback would mean a lot.

    In a nuthshell, I'm trying to bring out the best looking stream possible atm. Yeah you heard it right. My dedicated streaming PC: Ryzen 3900x (12c,24t) with stable (lets say all core) OC on 4400ghz (ccx0 4450, ccx1 4350) 16gb kingston hyperx ram on oc @ 3466mhz GTX 770 (Guess doesn't mean a...
  4. A

    Question / Help More threads for multiple window captures?

    Hey, I use obs to stream a show. In the show I capture a zoom call and duplicate the source in window captures so each guest can be in their own overlay. I also run a camera from my pc to the zoom and then use my iPhone as a my obs cam. I am using a fx 4100 and a rx 470 8gb GPU, I am getting a...
  5. S

    Question / Help Ryzen 7 1700x vs 2600x for streaming and recording

    Hey everybody! I’m buying a new CPU soon, and I’ll be upgrading from my 4 core 3.5 GHZ ryzen 3 2200g. I’m looking at the difference between the 1700x and the 2600x, and it’s very close. The 1700x offers more threads and cores, but the 2600x has a much higher boost clock. What would affect...