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    How to transmit "OBS" scenes/sources to android or iphone cameras

    I come in search of knowledge, I know that there is a very bad perspective for this topic, but I am really interested in knowing how to carry out the transmission of OBS to the camera of any mobile device, I am going to leave some videos of what I express, one with OBS another from an...
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    Camera shows "no signal black screen " after 30min inactivity / streaming

    can you try to contact OBS and gtw supports and ask why the camera shows "no signal black screen" after 30 minutes of inactivity on the camera, even though it is still connected?
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    Need Help with Switching Cameras

    Hi, I need help with OBS. I need to livestream with multiple iphone cameras on OBS for a livestream platform. How do I switch cameras in the same scene (as this is connected to the company's admin panel and no RTMP key) Goal: to film fashion shows using OBS to switch angles Greatful for any...
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    Question / Help Audio echo/cut while camera switching

    Hello! Please someone help me before 19th Jan. On this date I will have a special house party and I want to be sure the livestream will work at his best.. Right now I found out 1 problem, for the rest everything works fine. I use 1 laptop, mixing tracks with Traktor. On this laptop I also do...