switch audio

  1. R

    Capture card audio not working (+ quality question)

    Hi, i use a capture card to display the switch screen through OBS on my laptop screen with the preview feature. But the audio just does not work and dont find any way to fix it. I attached an image showing the audio imput capture greyed out and i dont know how to fix it(i think it might be the...
  2. miralusion

    Audio Sync issues

    Trying to stream my Switch to Discord using OBS as a virtual camera, but I'm getting about a second of audio delay no matter what settings I use. Any ideas how to fix this? I've tried both negative and positive offsets but it doesn't make any kind of difference.
  3. E

    wired headset not allowing obs to pick up the audio?

    I purchased a video capture card so I could stream using my switch while docked. I have my laptop, a monitor and switch all connected. The second I plug my wired headset into my switch while docked the audio from the switch is no longer picked up through OBS. When the wired headphones aren't...
  4. T

    No Audio Output Capture From Switch

    SOS! I've tried everything I could possibly think of or search for, but when I record gameplay I still can't hear any audio from my switch. I have the audio input capture all set up, and I can hear the audio through my laptops speakers (macbook air monterey), my headphones aren't plugged in to...
  5. B

    Switch Audio Not Working

    I just got a capture car and plugged it into my computer with my switch but I cant hear any audio I've created a audio input capture and set it to monitor and output but the audio still cuts in and out and I cant hear anything most of the time. what do I do
  6. P

    Audio Delay am Headset

    Hallo zusammen, Ich bin neu in der Materie und richte für meine Frau alles ein damit sie von ihrer Switch aus auf Twitch streamen kann. Dazu habe ich ne Capture Card (AverMedia Live Gamer Mini) besorgt. Diese nun ordentlich verkabelt, angeschlossen und in OBS alles eingefügt. Der Stream...
  7. M

    Audio Troubles

    I'm trying to stream a switch game with a capture card to discord, but theres an audio delay. when I try to fix it with tutorials i see on youtube, the audio delay is gone for me, but then it just muted the audio for the people watching. i'm not sure what to do now, or how to fix this?
  8. K

    Streaming Nintendo Switch, trying to monitor and output audio without hearing echo in stream

    Hi everyone! I'm very new to streaming and have been doing a lot of research. I've managed to be able to stream my switch video and audio, my mic, and desktop audio all at once. I'm on a 2020 Macbook Pro and am using iShowU Audio Capture. However, because I'm using "monitor and output" for the...
  9. G

    Question / Help PLEASE HELP How to get Nintendo Switch audio to go through my headphones with no delay while streaming

    I started streaming recently and plan on steraming switch games. No delays at all for the stream which is good. However I can't listen to the switch audio without a delay from what is actually happening on my gameplay screen. I have no idea what to do, if anything can be done. I'm also using an...