1. EZ64cool

    obs-hadowplay 2.0.2

    In an attempt to move away from ShadowPlay and it's lack of customization, I thought I'd bring the useful functionality over to OBS. This includes automatic replay buffer start/stop based on hooked captures within the active scene and the organisation of replays/recordings into folders named...
  2. M

    VLC Videosource - Play video files - Add a directory and let it play all videos in its subfolders

    Problem: Currently an empty folder with subdiretories in it won't play anything. You need to add every subfolder with videos step-by-step to the playlist to have them played. Possible solution: An option to include subdirectories would be great!
  3. francdv23

    OBS Python OBS Recordings Organizer 1.0

    This is an improved and simplified version of pjw29's OBS Rec Rename Python script, that, similarly to NVidia ShadowPlay, allows OBS to rename and organize into folders video recordings based on the window title on focus whenever a replay buffer or a recording is saved, unlike from the previous...