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    Stream Deck Media Button not working with OBS Media Control

    I have stream deck ( the latest one) and im running OBS 3.0 It seems the Streamdeck Media control button command for Play/Pause does not work if you have multiple songs in a playlist. It may work for your first song but if you move to the second it looses the ability to pause. Does...
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    Obs Lags/Bogs entire pc when just opening the software

    Basically what the title says. I recently ran into an issue after using obs for over a year. Every time i open up the software it lags/bogs down my entire pc to the point of where i cant do anything. As soon as i minimize the app or exit out of it my pc returns to a working normal state. I've...
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    Plugins n'ont pas pu être chargés

    Bonsoir voici un message d'erreur que j'ai depuis la dernier mise a jour et depuis ce jour impossible de changé de scène avec mon stream deck un idée ?
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    Control OBS from other PC with a StreamDeck

    Hi everyone, I need a hand I have a PC that a friend of mine is streaming with, and he asked if I can help him out by managing his OBS from my home. Premise, we have a LAN - LAN VPN with two FRITZ! Boxes, so we can reach each other locally without problems and with very little latency. That...
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    Audio/Video Delay

    Looking for help or suggestions with my streaming setup. I stream with a PTZ optic camera and use OBS as my streaming software. In OBS I have an audio delay setup for the audio and video to match. However I run into the issue when I try to play a video (not coming through the PTZ optic camera)...
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    Encoder Error via Streamdeck Plugin

    Ive been having an issue with an encoder overload issue causing the stream to crash and display an encoder error occurred. Tonight it actually crashed the game I was playing also. I use stream labs chat bot and it seems when I load the chat bot application it crashes. The log keeps showing an...