1. Dezintuit

    Darkle 0.1.0

    A darker and slightly purple fork of the main Dark theme, which I chose as the base because of the smaller fonts, allowing for more content to be displayed at once. Disclaimer: I made this mostly for myself, in a single afternoon. I don't know much QSS, I just did search and replace and used...
  2. khaver

    OBS Lua DeBlemish Filter Script 3.0

    Lua script to add a de-blemishing filter. Add the DeBlemish filter to your source. Click the "Select color" button and click "Pick Screen Color" and select a pixel in the skin. Click "OK". Check the "Show mask" box and use the sliders and Hue, Saturation and Value checkboxes to adjust the...
  3. U

    OBS Studio mouse cursor skin

    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: OBS Studio cursor skin - Change cursor to image or video source. Read more about this resource...
  4. cederick

    Twitch Theme V2

    This skin was made for the new service integration version of OBS but should work fine with others as well. Please leave a rating if you enjoy the Theme so I have some feedback! Screenshot: Installation: Just drag and drop the files from the .7z file into your Themes folder. You will need...