1. N

    High GPU usage using a shader filter with newer nvidia drivers

    So I have been messing with trying to locate the source of high GPU usage when I have OBS open. It started after I updated my nVidia drivers. I found that rolling them back to old ones from February will fix the problem. However I dug deeper and found that the main issue seems to be the shader I...
  2. Enderfox

    Random Automatic Filter Change

    Hello guys, i wanted to know how i can make a filter of obs-shaderfilter (the one that is called user-defined-filter) that you give it a set of shaders from file and it toggles between them at a set speed or a random time. For example: time: 2 seconds shader1: crt.shader shader2: bloom.effect...
  3. QmiiProductions

    Shaderfilter 1.21 for Mac OSX 0.6.0

    WARNING: this is NOT Shaderfilter-plus! Surn's legendary Shaderfilter plugin, recompiled and reworked to be used on Mac OSX devices! This has been a joint effort between Exeldro and I. He built the initial version of the mac compatible plugin, and we worked together to recode the shaders to be...
  4. Paulo Soares

    OBS Lua Custom Shaders 0.9

    Custom Shaders is a LUA script for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) that can be used to apply OBS effects to any image source. An OBS effect (or shader) is defined in a file with a nearly identical syntax to Direct3D 11 HLSL effect files. This script was inspired by the filter-custom included in...