screen area capture

  1. A

    [URGENT] The new MS Teams is blocking its screen!

    Is anyone else facing this problem? I use to record my main work meetings to watch later again. But since I moved to the new Teams version, its screen appears to OBS Studio as a big blank square. D: For now, I can switch to the old MS Teams version to avoid this behavior, but I assume in the...
  2. D

    Screen recording is not so sharp

    Hello my friends, I am new to obs studio. I have checked many videos on YouTube, and still unable to solve my problem. My screen recording is not so clear. It gets a little blurry, the letters are not so clear. How can I solve this problem and be able to record in high resolution. Thanks!
  3. T

    Screen Capture Not Working

    Has anyone ever seen this? My screen capture device isn't displaying within the OBS window, but when I check it's properties it works fine.
  4. V

    The screen is too Wide (Minecraft)

    Hello! Whenever I open OBS to record Minecraft, the footage is too big for the window, so I have to scale it and morph it until it looks like in the attached image. However, the rectangle in the attached image looks very bad. Is there any way I can fix this? (Image attached shows you what I mean)
  5. A

    Adjust Windows taskbar recording

    Hello! Some time ago, I did some settings that I did OBS record part of my screen so the Windows taskbar is not caught. But when it is recording now, instead of having a recording without the taskbar, in the place of the taskbar I just have a black part (please see first screenshot). I have...
  6. Chetitoo

    Hotkey for region screen capture

    Since I migrated from XSplit to OBS I noticed the lack of being able to quickly capture a region of the screen. Using the alt key to zoom is too inaccurate and slow. There is another OBS based app that can do that called "Prism Live Studio".
  7. C

    Screensharing OBS software while using it?

    I've been asked to do a walkthrough on OBS for some colleagues. Is there a way to screen capture what I am doing in OBS as I'm streaming? The options I'm finding involve downloading more apps/software and I feel like there's a more simple way!
  8. K

    Smart Selection for OBS

    So a little context, I'm a huge fan of Vargskelethor. I wanted to try out streaming because of his streams but I wanted to use the same feature he does for putting memes onto the streams. This feature is "Smart Selection", basically you turn it on using the program window and snip part of your...
  9. T

    Record screen with better audio quality

    I want to record some long videos in a faster speed. When I try to play that later in a slower speed, the audio is getting distorted. Is there any way to solve this
  10. S

    How To Fix Screen Recording.

    So you may wonder, why does it say "No Properties Available" when you go into Display Capture. It's pretty simple. To make this quicker: Apple logo>SP>S&P>SR.Ma First, You need to click on the apple logo in your Hotbar. Next, you proceed to system preferences. Then, Security and Privacy...
  11. S

    Streaming Xbox through obs on pc

    I have a problem with the screen fitting and I can’t figure out how to fix this pleeeease help me.
  12. J

    OBS doesn't record the screen anymore

    I started recording with OBS on warhammer 40k dawn of war an older game. When I hit the record button it recorded dow in the corner of the recording even though it was fullscreen on my moniter. Having dow playing in the corner of the screen isn't something I wanted so I tried to fix it. Now...
  13. I

    Cropping / Selecting Recording Area of a window capture

    Hi there, I am trying to record a "specific area of a Window Capture". I know I can use Alt and crop on the OBS screen. However, when I am actually on the screen source the entire screen is surrounded by a yellow line and not just the specific area I selected on OBS. It will record fine on OBS...