1. 700hours

    Free Yet Another Audio Duplicator 1.1 patch

    Yet Another Audio Duplicator When using a capture device and working with HDMI audio routing, typically the capture device needs the audio to flow through the HDMI connection. If the idea is to hear the audio from the source device and capture it, an alternative from listening to the device on...
  2. A

    Can't hear streamelements alert sounds through headphones

    Hi all, when an alert from streamlabs comes through I can see that the sound is being played through obs on the audio mixer, but i can't hear it through my headphones. I will try my best to describe how i have it set up: In the browser source for the alert i have ticked "control audio via...
  3. S

    Question / Help External audio input routing issues

    HI All As a sound engineer and music producer i tend to think im fairly good with laptop audio routing but this ones stumped me so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using a focusrite saffire pro40 to route a stereo line signal (from my DJ mixer) directly into OBS. its routed to...