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Yet Another Audio Duplicator

When using a capture device and working with HDMI audio routing, typically the capture device needs the audio to flow through the HDMI connection. If the idea is to hear the audio from the source device and capture it, an alternative from listening to the device on the output device is duplicating the audio stream. Basically then the source device being captured can be made to transmit to more than one audio device.

So the function with this is: choose which device to duplicate to from a list of available options and then start the playback.

The default audio latency is set to 10ms, but can be changed with an extra command.

audio program start.png

Version 1.0 (console): what the program prompt looks like when started.

Version 1.1 (GUI): how it works and example
Version 1.0 supports duplicating to only one separate device. Version 1.1 has a GUI and, reasonably, no limit to output devices.
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