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  1. luck_foxe

    Recording stuck/laggy when recording Roblox or any other game

    Hi! I am having trouble recording my videos.. Whenever I try to record a video. The video starts to freeze, but the game doesn't. How can I resolve this? Here I already left my logs to speed up the process:
  2. P

    OBS makes my game laggy

    I play Roblox and want to stream it to twitch, and the game itself it perfectly smooth, but for some reason when I put it into OBS it makes it much laggier then it actually is. I’ve tried adjusting the settings but nothing seems to work and I honestly don’t know what else to do. PLEASE HELP!
  3. M

    What are the best settings for recording Roblox with OBS on Mid-Low End PC?

    I recorded a video of Roblox but when I see the recording, it speeds up then it goes back to normal and I don't know how to fix it. What are the best settings to record Roblox on a PC like mine? Windows 10 Specs:
  4. N

    OBS Studio Overloaded while recording video!

    Yeah,I'm planning to record on OBS since it is free and I tried recording with 60fps and the quality 1366x768 (no upscale nor downscale) but when I move in Roblox,OBS falls to recording overloaded and very laggy 60fps to 30 fps then to 9fps! I am trying record roblox and bandicam works good but...
  5. R

    Hi OBS users someone help me!

    i want to record roblox videos and i tried everything, i watched many videos on youtube how best to do this without lag and delays? I have an windows 10 laptop as you can see. what are the best settings to apply? I have literally tried everything. Someone who is happy to help me? I appreciate...
  6. Theagames10

    Question / Help What are the best settings for recording Roblox with OBS on Low End PC?

    I have been wanting to record gameplay for YT and I tried to record Roblox and MC for a couple of seconds. (I did fix the black bar at the bottom of recording, which is good) Minecraft was pretty good, but Roblox was very laggy and slow when watching the recording. What are the best settings to...
  7. B

    Question / Help Laggy Recording

    So im not new too obs, cause I used to use obs for vr but now im using for roblox and when I record with it my game doesnt lag but once I watch the videos its sooo bad and laggy! Is this a easy fix? Please tell me!