1. D

    Friends from Discord sound robotic/reverb

    I've been recording some Warzone,playing with friends and i've encounter this problem this week. Previous Recordings didn't have this issue. Couple days ago i start noticing in some parts of the video my friends from discord sound robotic,or like someone has the ingame voice chat active. But in...
  2. J

    Live stream via Zoom for singing, using OBS reverb plugin.

    Hi, I'm new to OBS, so here's what's going on. I want to stream a live performance with my vocal and guitar and wanting to stream not the raw sound but the processed effects via OBS plugins (reverb etc...) I'm using a Scarlet 2i2 for my audio interface, so that'll be my input/output. My problem...
  3. aLx257

    Question / Help Gamesound audio issues

    Hello, So here's an example clip where you can hear a slight reverb. Like it's a little bit muffled. The game sound just doesn't sound right. All my friends say it's not that bad, some even say that they don't hear it at all, but personally it really upsets me. On my headset the game sound is...
  4. A

    Hotkeys for filters

    I've added a reverb VST to my microphone, but when I'm streaming/recording I want this to only be active while I'm singing & not while talking. Currently I'd have to go into the audio filter settings each time and click the eye icon. Ideally I should be able to use a hotkey to toggle the filter...
  5. K

    Question / Help VST reverb Plugins not working

    Hi, I just added 2 plugins for reverb: TAL Reverb and BrainworxRooMS these are appearing in my filters and opening up but I am not hearing the effect come through on my condenser mic. Anybody know why?
  6. L

    Question / Help Trying to record with a 7.1 headset.

    Is it actually worth trying to record with OBS while using a 7.1 headset? I currently have a Logitech G930(Looking to buy a Corsair Void Pro or a Logitech G533, also 7.1) and record in surround sound. When I watch the recording back, there is always an echo of everything happening, sometimes...