1. albedozero

    OBS Lua Source Swapper 1.0

    Choose the two sources you want to swap, along with the time duration, optional delay, and minimum size for the shrink-grow effect. The effect looks best if the positional alignment of the sources is set to "center" in the transform.
  2. B

    Question / Help Scene source video resizing itself

    Hello! I am currently streaming to YouTube via OBS 23.2.1. I am using VLC to assemble a playlist of videos. My output stream is 1920x1080 and all my video files are 1920x1080. Sometime when the playlist switches from one video to another, it will change the size of the window in the scene. The...
  3. codemann8

    [Bug] Fixed source sizes

    It'd be nice to force a particular source to stay a certain size, no matter how the originating window changes. Currently, if I have a game window open, I add it to OBS and make it look nice in the preview. However, depending on the game I'm playing, i may need to change the window size of the...

    Question / Help Resolution Not Supported for Resizing

    Hello: Here is my current setup. I have a 240hz monitor and that is on my gaming box. I have a laptop and using the AverMEDIA live gamer ultra. At any rate, setup everything and things were working alright. However, This was a new setup from scratch and so while tuning, I realized that my...
  5. T

    Question / Help OBS Resizing Issue with Sources

    I looked up this issue on OBS forums, and did a quick search for resize issue on /r/Twitch. Couldn't find a solution. A video of my issue here. I upload the source (tried with and image and with media, pre-recorded video) and it won't resize past a certain amount. I can't for the life of me...