remote desktop

  1. E

    Citrix Remote desktop issue

    Hi, I have a problem with capture screen and window in OBS. I would like to capture of my virtual desktop, for connection I use Citrix Workspace and Citrix Desktop Viewer (CDViewer.exe) but unfortunatly when I used display capture option then window with virtual my desktop (on top) wasn't...
  2. norihiro

    VNC Source 0.4.0

    Features This plugin provides a source that displays a remote desktop of VNC. Binary packages Binary files for Windows and MacOS are ready. The provided binary requires OBS Studio 26.0.0 or later (macOS and Windows), OBS Studio 27.0.0 or later (Linux). If you build from source, it should work...
  3. M

    Question / Help OBS stops receiving audio when disconnecting Remote Desktop

    Hi all I have OBS running on a Windows VPS which I access via Windows Remote Desktop. It streams audio from a media player. Whenever I close my remote desktop connection, OBS stops receiving the desktop audio (the meter display in the audio mixer show no audio), but the audio is still playing...