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  1. J

    Best Recording Settings for MacBook Pro M1 Silicon 13 in.

    Hi! I was wondering what would be the best audio and video settings (without lag and good quality) for recording online games such as Roblox on my MacBook Pro M1 Silicon laptop. I want to record in 1080p or 720p more than likely so I can have decent quality. For your information, I did a test...
  2. M

    What bitrate do you suggest for 2560x1440?

    I have RTX 3060 so even in 120k bit rate it doesn't use any resources. However the output size becomes too high. For 2560x1440 pixel what optimal bitrate do you suggest? and also for 3840x2160 what optimal bitrate do you suggest? What audio bitrate do you suggest? I am recording in 60 FPS...
  3. D

    Best advanced settings for recording game cutscenes

    What settings would be the most appropriate for my use case of recording game cutscenes/cinematics at 1080p 60fps? For recording only, no streaming and no microphones as the primary audio source is the game. Since the material are just cutscenes/cinematics, mostly pre-rendered, its not going to...
  4. Pritimay

    Help Post.

    I Used ryzen 7 5800x, 16gb Ram, 500gb SSD with GTX 1650 GPU, recording minecraft gameplay... I want high quality recording settings. Advanced Thank you Buddy.
  5. Katzenwerfer

    Influence of settings for NVENC lossless recording

    I sometimes record my games losslessly using NVENC to re-encode later without losing a lot of quality I've read that some settings (look-ahead, PVT and B-frames) can improve quality if you are using CBR, CQP and VBR, but I'm not really sure if they actually make a difference when doing lossless...
  6. 4d4m

    How can I achieve smoothness in my videos?

    I am looking into how can I make my videos look smooth in 1080p 60fps. I'm new to all this and don't really know how to set each settings. I tried watching some YouTube videos but my footage was kinda pixelated. PC specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 RTX 580 Here are some pictures of what my settings look...
  7. E

    "Timestamps are unset in a packet for stream 0. This is deprecated and will stop working in the future. Fix your code to set the timestamps properly"

    Hello, I recently got a new PC and I'm trying to adjust my recording settings on OBS but I keep having frame drops and this error "Timestamps are unset in a packet for stream 0. This is deprecated and will stop working in the future. Fix your code to set the timestamps properly" keeps popping...
  8. V

    Problem Fix with OBS (Bad Quality)

    Alright, I had this problem and I know a lot of other people have this problem that has the desire to create content, just like me. I'm not gonna waste any time, I'm going straight to the point. First, let me explain why OBS looks bad. So, it's your Bitrate. First of all, I'm going to link a...
  9. S

    Frame Drop Lagging Recording EVGA RTX GeForce 2080 Super Frame Rate drops and just need assistance
  10. R


    Dear Users, I Currently have an Alienware Laptop The Specs are I7-7700hq GTX 1070 The exact laptop is My download speed is around 200 MBPS and My Upload speed is around 23.94 Currently My...
  11. V

    Question / Help Poor recording quality with Nvenc

    Hello, I'm having issues with recording using Nvenc encoder. While I used H.264 My poor performance while gaming is reflected in my recording. I was told Nvenc would help with performance and quality freeing resources from the CPU. My game will run normally but the recording will be a choppy...
  12. S

    Question / Help Recording settings

    Ok so I have a EVGA Geforce RTX 2080 (8gb) with an i7-8700k cpu and can someone please recommend settings for me, I have basically everything set to max while scaling from 2560 to 1080. It seems I just can't find the right bitrate. Whenever I try to record it seems to be very poor quality/fps...
  13. CronoXGM


    Hi, I want settings for my rig. I want to record 1080p60. My specs: CPU: AMD X4 880K GPU: GTX 1050Ti RAM: 8Gb DDR3 I want to record new games