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    Multiple audio tracks not recording?

    As the title states, when I record in OBS with multiple audio tracks it only shows up as 1 singular track in Premiere Pro I currently record with 5 tracks (game, discord, spotify, mic 1, and mic 2) I havent found anything in the forums to help me out and dont know what to do, help!
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    Remux wont load into editing software

    Hi, I love recording with OBS, its a very simple system to use. I record to MKV. However when I remux the MKV File to MP4, I t wont import into Premier Pro. All I get is the audio from the file and no video. If, on the other hand, I convert the file with something else such as VLC Media...
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    Footage becomes an audio file in Premiere.

    I've been using both OBS and Premiere pro for a while now and when importing to premiere that i had captured with OBS it somehow didnt display any video and acted as if it was just an mp3 file. I then tried adding an older recording and it seemed fine, i then noticed that the file i had...
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    Pixelation and Compression Artifacts in Videos Exported and Uploaded to YouTube

    [All hardware and recording/export settings at bottom] No matter what settings I seem to use, I always end up having pixelation and compression artifacts in videos I upload to YouTube. I post videos just to share with friends and even though it's just for fun, I'd prefer the videos to be as...
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    Question / Help OBS does not record video preview in premier.

    Hi, this is technically my second post for this issue, but I think I posted it in the wrong spot previously and wanted to post it again here, as I think it fits better. I'll copy paste what I said previously in this post...
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    OBS does not see video preview in premier pro

    Hi, this is my first forum post so I hope I've done it right, but I have a pretty specific question that I haven't found the answer to elsewhere, and was hoping someone here could help. I'd like to be able to livestream myself editing a video in premier, and have set obs to look for the premier...