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    podcast Equipment help plz

    I have gotten this bundle - Podcast Equipment Bundle, BM-800 Recording Studio Package with Voice Changer, Live Sound Card - Audio Interface for Laptop Computer Vlog Living Broadcast Live Streaming YouTube TikTok (AM100-V8) that you can find on amazon (i got though a dif means though)...
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    Looking for an easier way to take my audio channels after the stream for my podcast

    I currently record the audio channels on a live stream that will be used for a podcast. I take the saved audio file and upload them to the podcast host. As you can imagine, it's a manual but straightforward process, but I work with a number of streamers. I've been looking into the API from my...
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    What are encoding settings for audio only still image recording?

    I am looking for settings recommendation to record the best quality audio in video container with light file size. 30 min - 60 min duration. I've set audio bitrate to 320, sample rate 48kHz & stereo. What are best settings for modern codecs available now in general for this type of thing? Does...
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    How to use OBS to set-up my show/podcast

    Hi everyone, my question today is I would like to move my podcast/show over to Spotify Greenroom. However, we also use video as well as audio and I'm unsure how to record the audio through Greenroom as well as continue to use video. The added complexity is that we also bring guests onto the show...
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    OBS Lua Podcast Template 1.1.1

    Instructions *PC Only Extract the Podcast_Template zip file to a folder Make sure you extract it to a permanent location. If you use the template first and move the folder later, it may not work properly. Create a new Scene Collection in OBS Go to Scene Collections in the menu bar and...
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    I can’t get obs to record audio

    Hey guys I’m new to this and been trying real hard but I’m lost. I have a MacBook Pro running Catalina, I am trying to use obs and discord together to record a podcast with someone from a different state. As of now I have gotten as far as downloading obs discord and black hole for audio capture...
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    Question / Help Scrolling Updated Text

    Hello, So I’m hosting a live podcast this week of the NFL Draft. I was hoping to create a scrolling text at the bottom of the draft order and than update with each pick. Is this possible? How would I do this?
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    Question / Help NDI Causes lag on Youtube w/OBS

    Everytime I use the NDI while trying to stream my podcast on Youtube I get either crazy amount of lag, or the stream tells me there is an error. I can stream just fine without having my guest over NDI. Is it skype that is giving me these issues? Is it my Mac being just outdated?? (specs...
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    Question / Help Skype Black Window NDI 4.6.0 Skype

    I know I am not the only one who comes across this issue, but it seems as it is always unanswered. I have used Skype in the past and had no issues, but it seems now I am getting a black screen despite selecting the correct source and user. I have attached my log file. Can someone please answer this!
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    Question / Help Setting Up MultiCam for Podcast

    Hey everyone, sure this has been posted before but I am unable to find anything so if there is a thread please link it. Basically I am looking to start live streaming a podcast I do with a friend and am trying to figure out how to set up a multicam for it. The person and I who do the podcast...
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    Question / Help Terrible echo noise in my desktop audio

    I was setting up my podcast and I did all I can, but my desktop audio was terrrible! It was earrape!