plugin problem

  1. M

    Remove a module

    Hello, I don't understand why I have 2 identical modules activated in my OBS. Does anyone have an idea of which file to remove ? Even if I deactivate it, it automatically reactivates when I restart the application. Path in Windows
  2. R

    Tuna Plugin and Waveform plugin not working OBS Mac M1

    Is there anyone who can helps me with it? I have tried everything what i found on internet but still not working... I really need these functions.... In advance Thank you!!!
  3. K

    Nvidia Background Removal

    Hey everyone! I recently was experimenting with Nvidia background removal technology. I have an RTX 3070. I'm using OBS at his latest rendition (29) on windows 10. When I was using the filter a message popped up saying i'm using "obsolete SDK and I should update". I tried do download and...
  4. C

    No Plugins Showing

    After installing plugins to OBS I can't see any of them in the docks or settings on Windows 7. The install dir is D:\Program Files\obs-studio\
  5. Ashmanix

    Plugin Not Docking Properly

    I've been developing a countdown timer app in c++ and have used the Qt framework to programatically build a dockable widget that then gets attached to the OBS parent window using obs_frontend_add_dock function. If I don't set the dock to floating and have it show when initialised the dock seems...
  6. N

    The New version of OBS doesn't take .dll anymore?

    Hi, i'm a musician who use OBS to record my recording sessions. I had to install a dll to hear the sound of my software Reaper. But... I've installed the new version of OBS, 28.0.1, and it tell my all my plugins doesn't works anymore. Just lua and py are avaible.... What is this mess? I...
  7. K

    obs-virtual output error

    Since I updated to OBS 28, myself and few other friends have gotten a popup about "obs-virtualoutput" plugin has failed to load. Has anyone else have this issue or have a fix for it yet or am I missing something?
  8. Z

    Problem with Tuna Plugin

    I recently formated my pc and reinstalled tuna so people could see which song is playing, the thing is, rn when i write %t to show the song title, instead it just shows a giant %T and does not show the title properly. Image that shows the issue...
  9. BoiaGamer

    browser source

    Salve a tutti, io ho l'ultima versione di obs studio ma non è presente browser source, ho provato anche a scaricare il plugin ma questo è il messaggio che ricevo: Ops! Ci siamo imbattuti in alcuni problemi. Impossibile trovare la risorsa. qualcuno di voi ha per caso una soluzione? grazie...
  10. L

    Win Capture Audio plugin bug

    When capturing sound with this plugin, in some applications there is a very strange buggy sound. Is there any way to fix this?
  11. N

    Plugin not loading Hello, I've installed the Win Capture Audio on my computer but when I go to find it in the sources location it is not showing up. I found in the LOG that it is failing to load. Can I get any suggestions? Thanks
  12. tazrei

    PLEASE HELP!! When recording with the Source Record Plugin, footage will be sped up.

    Want to record simple gameplays and have my webcam recorded separately to get the maximum resolution, but when I record it, it's sped up. Tried slowing it down in editing software but it cuts the framerate from 60 FPS to 20 FPS. The games I have recorded are at 144 FPS and above, but have been...
  13. meckimeck

    OBS laggt seit kurzem?

    Heey Ich habe nun OBS und benutze es seit ca. 2 Tagen wieder aktiv. Nun laggt mein ganzer PC, sobald OBS Studio geöffnet wurde. Ich frage mich woran das liegt. Ich habe alle Plugins seit dem es laggt deinstalliert (glaube ich) und frage mich wie ich das nun fixen kann. Danke für eure Antworten!
  14. V

    Problemas com os Plugins no OBS

    Estou tentando instalar plugins em obs mas nenhum plugin é reconhecido por ele, eu tenho obs 26.1.1 64bits, eu não sei, mas o que fazer para ele reconhecer, alguém pode me ajudar?
  15. Hey_Mister_DJ

    Installed Motion Plug in but it doesn't appear in OBS

    I followed a video tutorial on how to manually download and move the Motion Plug in over to the Obs-Studio folder in my C Drive. Closed OBS during this proccess, rebooted but still when I open OBS the plug in does not appear. Help: Attached are screenshots showing where I placed the Data and...
  16. T

    OBS Studio - audio plugins didnt run

    Hello... i have a little problem.. i install some audio plugins from one video, and when i try to load it into obs, i cant "open plug-in interface".. that button just didnt work.. i see plugins, i can run plugins (with fl studio), obs see plugins, but cant open it... other external plugins work...