pc crashing

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    OBS is making my PC crash only for some games that used to work

    Hi there ! It's been 2 months that OBS has been making my whole PC crash when I play certain games, especially game I have streamed for the past two years (ex : Hollow Knight). The game runs perfectly alone, but when I stream or even when I record, it crashes within 5 mins. I've tried with game...
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    Very strange Lags and crashes on complete System

    Hi, since 2 Weeks i have MASSIVE problems on my computer and OBS is the origin of that i guess. When i am streaming - out of the sudden OBS stoppes and crashes the PC in 99 %. Only not in that cases when i can open fast enough the Task Manager to stopp the process to close OBS. This...
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    OBS crashing?

    I am currently running a ryzen 5 3600x and a rtx3060 and up until this week I’ve never had problems. But now when I try to stream within 5 minutes of being live the stream will crash and it will render my PC useless unless I hold the power button to reset it. I asked my friend to try and he had...
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    OBS overheating PC (or bugging everything out)

    Ok so, I've recently started streaming my OBS onto discord's camera while running Voicemeeter and an Elgato capture card for gaming with an HDMI splitter, and things pretty much run smoothly for most of the day. I'm able to flip between screens and everyone can watch no big deal. But at the end...