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    Noticeable lag and cursor skipping when trying to record osu!

    It's not unbearable but it's definitely not playable... Here are some things I tried to fix the problem: 1) Enabling Compatibility mode in-game 2) Changing FPS limitations 3) Disabling/enabling fullscreen optimizations for both osu! and OBS, and disabling/enabling run as administrator option...
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    Can't resize fullscreen game

    I used to be able to open osu! (1080p resolution letterboxed on a 1440p monitor), minimize it, then resize a frozen frame in obs. I am now unable to do this as minimizing osu! essentially hides the source in obs. I've tried the freeze frame plugin to no avail. I have also tried pressing ctrl+f...
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    Question / Help osu! becomes extremely laggy while OBS gamecapture

    hi (sry my english is bad :3) when i select gamecapture and select osu my game starts to lag. (my fps drops to 20 fps) You can see the FPS and the MS at the bottom right corner without Gamecapture: https://prnt.sc/ib1twh with Gamecapture: https://prnt.sc/ib1w6k i think you need this...