1. padii

    OBS Python RecORDER 1.1

    What does this script does? To put it simply, it tries to be the NVIDIA Shadow Play and organize your recordings. Once you configure it you don't have to worry about anything else, because from now on your recordings as well as replays will be sorted for you. Features of the script In...
  2. EZ64cool

    obs-hadowplay 2.0.2

    In an attempt to move away from ShadowPlay and it's lack of customization, I thought I'd bring the useful functionality over to OBS. This includes automatic replay buffer start/stop based on hooked captures within the active scene and the organisation of replays/recordings into folders named...
  3. J

    Organizational use of OBS

    Hello I'm a part of a non commercial organization, and we would like to use OBS, and specifically the virtual camera feature, for some of our meetings. We are not sure if we are allowed to use the free version of OBS, or we need a license to use OBS. Again, we are a non commercial organization...
  4. D

    Scene Tree Folder plugin for OBS Studio 0.1.5

    Scene Tree Folder plugin for OBS Studio Plugin for OBS that adds a scene tree folder dock. Can be used to organize scenes into a folder structure. Installation Arch Linux Available via the obs-scene-tree-view-git AUR package: pikaur -S obs-scene-tree-view-git Windows Visit Releases and...
  5. DeeDubious

    Option to Filter Used & Not Used Hotkeys ?

    The more scripts, media, plugins, scenes, sources, etc I add to OBS, I tend to want to be able to manage multiple functions via HotKeys using my StreamDeck and/or other macro pads but the problem is when we have alot of hotkeys being assigned, its a burden to scroll and look carefully at what...
  6. MoSaunders

    Scenes Organization Suggestions

    Scenes are something that is used very heavily by new and advanced users. And by having so many scenes setup 15+,20+,30+, etc, there is a need for some type of built-in organization of scenes. So here are my three recommendations to make scenes more distinguishable and organized. 1. Colored...