1. M

    Scene capture vanishes when moving scene layer

    Hiya, I'm having a bug with the current build of OBS. I had it prior, and I thought I had solved the problem, but it's back and irritating as ever. The Bug: I make a [Game Capture], and the game captures fine. I move the capture layer down to my GAMES capture folder to keep scene collection...
  2. S

    Free OBS Scene Queue 2.7.0

    OBS v28: OBS Scene Queue doesn't support OBS Websocket v5 which is used in OBS v28. You should install a compatible websocket version found here in order to use OBS Scene Timer. --- This basic application lets you configure your scene sequence before the show, so that you only have to press...
  3. B

    Question / Help Order of the scenes

    Hi everyone I hope I don't ask you something that has been discussed for a long time. But I couldn't find it on the forum. For my Live-Stream-Concerts I habe prepared about 15 scenes. Most of the scenes contains the name and composer of the song that we play right now. The order of the...
  4. K

    Question / Help Is Rescale Output applied after or before encoding?

    Hi! I would like to use OBS for recording and streaming. Under video tab I have setted up my full resolution (1080p) and then created presets under Output for streaming and recording. The question is: Is Rescale Outpout under Outpout > Streaming applied before or after encoding? I want to stream...
  5. albedozero

    OBS Lua Source Swapper 1.0

    Choose the two sources you want to swap, along with the time duration, optional delay, and minimum size for the shrink-grow effect. The effect looks best if the positional alignment of the sources is set to "center" in the transform.