obs stopping recording freeze

  1. Wooxie

    Recording Freeze

    Hello, before anything allow me to apologize in case this threat already existed and i didn't found it. I have the following problem with Obs Studio, i'm trying to record Mass Effect Andromeda game these days, but at some point while recording (be it 5 mins or 100+ mins into the recording), the...
  2. Paras1404

    It shows Stopping Recording once stop is pressed, so When I paused/unpaused it and then stopped recording, I think the recording is corrupt

    So basically I was recording a Valorant Gameplay, I had a plugin installed which allows to record all audio seperately, so my concern is I wanna know whatever I'm doing with OBS, is it too much for my pc to handle ? I've Uploaded both logs from today (idk which one was needed to be uploaded)...
  3. C

    OBS is stuck at "Stopping Recording..." When trying to record 2 tracks at high fps.

    So I need to record 240FPS and have 2 audio tracks for a project I'm doing, but when I try to stop the recording, It gets stuck at "Stopping Recording...". When I tried to record with only one audio tracked, everything was fine and the recording stopped instantly. This doesn't happen at 60fps or...
  4. byTh3Loc

    Question / Help Does anybody know how to fix the Stopping Recording without using just one audio track?

    The Stopping Recording Bug is caused by using more than one audio track but I need two audio tracks. So does anybody know how to fix it with two audio tracks or is there a update comming?
  5. Snoker

    Bug Report problem with Audio Track Record

    i have problem - when i start to record with above 60 fps like 75 or 120 and Stop recording he told me stopping recording [FREEZE] ... like the screenshot , and i figure out if i turned off the audio track 2 will work fine Can please Help me i need Record with 2 Tracks audio and 120 FPS As shown...
  6. E

    Question / Help OBS Studio keeps bugging out

    Recently, my OBS Studio has been bugging out and its getting to the point that I just don't want to associate with this program anymore. I didn't have issues with recording other than the video quality being really bad. I ended up fiddling with the settings and got everything situated, but now...
  7. N

    Bug Report OBS Studio recording at low framerate and getting stuck in "stopping recording"

    Hi guys, I'm fighting the "stopping recording" bug for a few days now. OBS records seemingly normal but when stopping the recording, gets stuck. When force closing OBS the process will still continue running in the background at low resource usage. The longer I leave that process running, the...