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  1. R

    Brodcast - Setup for external person to join a studio

    Hi, I got a OBS setup for our streaming/recording studio. And I got som issue to how to solve external person to join our session in studio. We have a studio with 2-3 persons in the studio and they want to speak to a person from another place(External Person). What is the best setup for that...
  2. Matt Reiner

    OBS/VDO Ninja: How to get permanent solo view links

    I'm preparing my OBS setup for live streams that have 1-3 guests joining using VDO.ninja. I've set up a room that I plan to use consistently with the director view. I end up with a URL that looks like: https://vdo.ninja/?director=testdirector&password=testpassword&showdirector I can grab the...
  3. J


    Buenos días gente. Hago transmisiones en vivo de Obs hacia Facebook, y utilizo el Obs Ninja para ingresar diferentes invitados a la transmisión, pero ellos no pueden escuchar los audios que yo emito desde controles. Quisiera saber que puedo hacer para que ellos puedan escuchar lo que yo mando...
  4. K

    Obs ninja landscape

    Hi everyone! I am new in OBS. Please read my ques. And give your important solution. 1/ everytime i add a mobile camera via (obs ninja) i set my phone position in LANDSCAPE mode but it become portrait in OBS. I have to fix it by rotating source. Now. I want to know how i can add camera in...
  5. K

    System requirements

    Hi! I have tried to create a stream to Zoom from OBS using shared cameras (from 2 cell phones) with obs.ninja. However it is lagging quite a bit as soon as I start the virtual camera stream in Zoom. Maybe I have to poor computer performance and/or internet connection. I have MacBook Pro with...
  6. J

    Does "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" reduce bandwidth when pulling multiple sources from OBS Ninja?

    I have 10+ scenes on OBS Studio, each pulling a different video source via OBS Ninja for a live conference scenario. I would like to know whether ticking "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" will help to reduce bandwidth during the conference. When a scene is inactive, does it stop...