obs does not stop recording

  1. Z

    OBS Would Not Stop Recording, Had to Force quit, Did I lose my Hour Long Recording for good?

    I was recording a reaction video for youtube on OBS version 28.0.3 for Windows. I think I paused the recording around the 2:20 mark because I was messing around with the video player I was using. I then proceeded to record an hour longer without trying to pause or stop recording. I noticed when...
  2. Captain Wealthy

    How to stop recording?

    So I do a recording of me flying on Microsoft Flight Simulator and upon landing, I just cannot seem to stop the recording. When you click on the button you get 'Stopping Recording'. It's still there, some TWO HOURS after pressing 'Stop Recording'.
  3. SleepyLuc

    OBS Studio won't stop recording

    Hey! I'm trying to record a video, but when i finish recording, it won't stop, i can only force it to stop if i completely close OBS Studio, two things to note is that my GPU has the latest drivers installed and the error also happens with OBS running as administrator, how can i fix this? (log...
  4. I

    OBS won't stop recording?

    Hello, I realize that this is a common question but as someone with absolutely no experience in this software I had trouble comparing my own error logs to those of others and I would appreciate some more personal help. I apologize in advance. So as I said in the title, when I click "Stop...
  5. W

    OBS does not stop recording

    OBS does not stop recording, when I click end recording it appears that this is stopping recording, but never stops