obs does not stop recording

  1. SleepyLuc

    OBS Studio won't stop recording

    Hey! I'm trying to record a video, but when i finish recording, it won't stop, i can only force it to stop if i completely close OBS Studio, two things to note is that my GPU has the latest drivers installed and the error also happens with OBS running as administrator, how can i fix this? (log...
  2. I

    OBS won't stop recording?

    Hello, I realize that this is a common question but as someone with absolutely no experience in this software I had trouble comparing my own error logs to those of others and I would appreciate some more personal help. I apologize in advance. So as I said in the title, when I click "Stop...
  3. W

    OBS does not stop recording

    OBS does not stop recording, when I click end recording it appears that this is stopping recording, but never stops