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    C920 camera not showing in preview

    Hello all, This has been driving me crazy. I have not streamed/recorded video in a little over a year and was wanting to get back into it but have run into a problem. Everything is still working the way I left it but my camera. I know the camera is working since i can open it in...
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    Problemas con la cámara

    Hace poco cambié la tarjeta madre y el procesador. Pasé de Intel a Amd. A partir de ese momento la cámara me va mal, hay cierta"interferencia" y no se cómo resolverlo.
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    27.1.3 of OBS does not work with Pro Tools using the NEXUS plugin

    I upgraded the other evening and installed the latest version (2.9.0) of the OBS Camera plugin and after a few minutes when live streaming to Restream.io the audio just went into a feedback loop. I have to roll OBS & OBS Camera back to the previous stable version (for me). I am using MacOS...
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    macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 - "No properties available" Display Capture.

    Hey yall, As the title reads, I've been unable to set a display capture - the goal is to Livestream and have 1/2 the screen showing my face, the other half showing my desktop where I'll be going over PDFs and scholarly literature. Any help would be greatly appreciated. FWIW, I'm using an...
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    OBS Camera Recording Quality

    Hi, I'm trying to record fitness videos using my iPhone and OBS camera, the quality and lag are a huge issue. Has anybody got the recommended settings? I'm using: iPhone 12 Pro - 4k 24FPS - connected via USB C to Thunderbolt port Rode Wireless Go MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3...
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    Using OBS Camera and a Gimbal

    I am livestreaming music performances and I would like to use OBS Camera wirelessly (NDI) on my iphone XR with a Gimbal so I can move around the room. I haven't used a Gimbal before, can I use one with OBS Camera or do Gimbals come with camera software that I would need to use in lieu of OBS...
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    OBS & Teams no virtual camera

    Hi guys, I successfully work with obs and zoom using obs virtual camera. Now I wanted to do the same with teams, but unfortunately, OBS virtual camera is not in the selection list of devices. Also restart did not work, any idea what is causing it?
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    Question / Help OBS Camera plug in for iPad video freezes then only sends Audio.

    Hello, I am Using OBS Camera IOS app and successfully had used my iPad Mini2. But it seems after update to IOS 12.4.7 I get the video freezes then only sends audio. Using USB cables swapped with iPhone11pro running the same app works like a charm. The Built camera is working just fine. I...
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    Question / Help Audio Loses Sync within One Second

    Hi, I'm using the OBS Camera plugin to shoot video from my iPhone11, and the Focusrite Scarlett Audio interface to bring audio from my wireless mic into OBS. Working on a 2018 Macbook Air running 10.14. I shot a test video with this new set up, to figure out the lag offset. In iMovie I could...
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    Question / Help OBS Camera freezes

    Hi - I have been racking my brains out for the better part of 3 days now and still no closer to figuring out this issue. A quick backdrop of the problem.... I am running OBS Studio (latest version 25.0.7) on two MBPs (mid-2010 17” running High Sierra and 2017 15” running Catalina). I have two...
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    Question / Help Two layers (same camera) with OBS camera (ios)

    I am tinkering and testing OBS. I have connected my Iphne XR successfully with OBS camera. What Ï would like to do now is to have two layers (or two scenes) with the same camera (Iphone), one full screen and the other a small one (PiP), but as soon as I activate the second one, the first one (or...