1. 4

    Stream on Youtube connects but does not send media

    Every time I try to stream on youtube through obs, the stream connects (as in the image) but doesn't send images. I'm afraid this has something to do with Windows Defender or Windows Firewall because when I uninstall OBS, restart the notebook, disable Windows Defender and Windows Firewall and...
  2. 4

    Stream no Youtube conecta mas não envia midia

    Toda vez que eu tento fazer stream no youtube pelo obs, a stream conecta (como na imagem) porém não envia imagens. Receio que isso tenha algo a ver com o Windows Defender ou Firewall do Windows pois quando eu desinstalo o OBS, reinicio o notebook, desativo o Windows Defender e o Firewall do...
  3. G

    need Hints to reduce Stress on Cpu Because of own-made Overlay

    Hi, first of all: im a Streamer since 3 months and i love it❤ now the Problem: I made my very own Overylay with GIMP and Davinci Resolve Fusion. I made some Panels with Animated Backroung and Finally a big Gameframe with an animation. I was scared how big such files can be. The Frame has a...
  4. T

    Input delay while recording on OBS.

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 520 notebook with an input delay problem. Whenever I start recording with OBS the input delay happens in my keyboard. I use a separate usb keyboard, the input delay is higher on the usb keyboard, but it also happens with the notebook keyboard although its smaller. I tried a...
  5. Speeter

    Best settings on lo end PC

    Hi, my friend has a low end PC (notebook) and wants to stream. Whitch settings shold he use? PC: AMD RYZEN 5U 8GB RAM SSD Thanks
  6. Wenisok

    On the adaptation of OBS studio in notebook with dual graphics card

    Hi Guys! I have a very confused question to ask you. Today I use OBS studio to record my game, but I can't capture my display screen with NVIDIA's independent graphics card. If I use Intel's uhd630 to capture my game interface, the FPS of my game will be greatly reduced. Do you have a solution?
  7. D

    Question / Help Internet Issues Macbook Pro Vs Notebook HP

    Hi everyone, I hope you're fine! ... My problem is the next.. I have two Computers (1 Hp Notebook & 1 Macbook Pro). Both are almost the same. And I have an Internet Upload of 5 Mbps. Hp - Core I5 1.8 Ghz - 8 Gb Ram - Nvidia Geforce GT 630m 1 GB Macbook Pro - Core I5 2.3 ghz - 4 gb Ram - No...