need a way to solve

  1. JenHam

    My youtube chatbox flickers for a second and then disappear

    So i've been streaming in youtube for a while and my chatbox popout that i linked to my "browser" in OBS always works but recently, it just flickers (as shown) and disappear completely. This only happen recently and i have absolutely zero clue what happen and the log says nothing about it...
  2. Z

    Internet disconnecting every time I start up a stream

    Occasionally when I'm not streaming my internet will drop, but as soon as I start up a stream it will almost automatically disconnect me from the internet. I've tried to use the network optimizations, TCP pacing, checked my internet speed, bought an entirely new ethernet cable, and checked my...
  3. M

    OBS not working properly need a fix

    OBS keeps playing up when I record once or stream once I cannot record again or stream I have to close it and when I exit or close it OBS it doesn't Close properly I have to keep Force closing and I cannot exit it in hidden icons in the corner of my window I have to go to Task Manager to force...
  4. S

    Recording directly from OBS to Google Drive or OneDrive

    Hi, I'm a student and since COVID-19 forced me, we are going to have online lessons. I don't really have a lot of Hard Drive space, so I'd like to record my lessons directly to either Google Drive or OneDrive. I can't use Google Drive File Stream (GDFS) since I don't have a G Suite account and...