1. universallp

    Muted Notification v1.0.0

    Adds an audio filter, which will play a wav file if the parent source receives audio while muted: The filter works exactly like the noise gate, but instead of opening the gate it'll play the selected WAV file to the selected playback device. The cool down defines how much time has to pass...
  2. L

    Audio recording while speakers are muted in Kubuntu

    Hi! I am trying to record video with sound while my speakers are muted. In this case no sound is captured. Is there an option how to record video with sound while my speakers are muted? this is a new issue for me in Kubuntu 20.10. Thanks!
  3. B

    Question / Help OBS inative source audio muted.

    Hello there, I need assistance please! When using my OBS only the active source (preview item) audio is active with the rest muted but i want for instance the audio of a camera to still be playing even if its not active in the preview.
  4. C

    Question / Help Recording Sound Whilst Muted

    Hey, I want to be able to record a chrome window whilst being muted in the background (whilst im playing a game or watching something else for instance) but still be able to hear the sound of that window on the recording and nothing else when i watch it back. Is this possible to do? Cheers...
  5. E

    Avoid Washed out Colors while streaming (wide gamut monitors) - LUT solution

    Common Problem : Some people are experiencing a big issue with OBS while streaming with a wide gamut monitor and a custom ICC profile like "Monitor native or adobeRGB or DCI-P3" icc profiles : Colors are washed out on the stream (twitch / youtube for example). My solution requires Photoshop...