multiple scenes

  1. Sasson10

    Can I make 2 videos at the same time using the same camera?

    I've been thinking of making a kind of video where it starts as a beat saber mixed reality video, but every now and then It'd cut to how I look In reality, so to do It I need to make 2 videos, each one with a different scene (one with a mixed reality scene and one with a normal scene) and...
  2. D

    Multiple Green Screens

    Hi, Is it possible to setup 2 or more different green screen scenes? I have Camera #1 pointing at Green Screen #1 and everything works fine. I have Camera #2 pointing at Green Screen #2 and the background looks horrible. But if I point Camera #1 at Green Screen #2, then it looks fine. Is...
  3. Jessika

    HELP!! Advance Scene Switcher

    Hi ! I need your help with Advance Scene Switcher (ASS). I'm using a green screen. I have different scenes created in OBS : Psychedelic scenes when I play House Music, Electro... : Front cam with Psychedelic media/video, Overview cam & Front cam + Overview with Psychedelic media/video. And...
  4. A

    Lost audio in live stream when changing scenes

    Problem: We just upgraded to OBS 26.1.1 on Thursday 1/14/2021 and did when we did the next live stream (of our church service on 1/17/2021) we did not have audio on certain scenes in the live stream. We are using mulitple scenes during the service, one for each part of the service. We have a...