minecraft obs lag

  1. M

    Minecraft lag/stuttering

    My game is always smooth but whenever i have obs opened in background without even recording my game is stuttering and simply not smooth anymore, when i start recording game becomes even worse, and I dont even want to play anymore. I have i5-11400 and AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT I play on 144 hz...
  2. H

    No CPU overload,no GPU overload,but game unusually lagging(Minecraft)

    I thought i could solve this problem alone and didn't post this thread for 5 months , but finally I have given up and have decided to turn to the community So I record Minecraft videos and Minecraft has different versions obviously. i started out by recording Minecraft videos in 1.16 but then...
  3. H

    Minecraft becomes laggy when OBS is open

    I am running Minecraft on an acer nitro 5 laptop. When I play the game I get around 200 fps, and when I open OBS the frames only drop by about 30. The bigger problem is when OBS is open Minecraft looks very choppy and it seems as if the screen is tearing. My mouse also feels like it has some...
  4. P

    how can i fix this

    when i dont have obs open my minecraft looks like this when i have obs opened it looks like this pls help
  5. Harvesto

    Question / Help Recording Minecraft on OBS Studio / Experiencing lag issues.

    Hey everyone! Recently tried to record Minecraft with OBS Studio for my YouTube channel however I am experiencing lag within my videos after recording them. I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me any advice or help as to why this issue is happening and any possible solutions to it...
  6. H

    Question / Help Lag when recording Minecraft

    Usually when I don't record it goes to 90 fps, but when I start the rec it goes at 3 fps when fullscreen. I have a Macbook Pro mid 2014 (8 GB of ram, CPU i5 4278U) with Windows (bootcamp) installed, here's why I'm posting this in Windows Support section. Here there's the log...
  7. 3

    Question / Help Lag issues

    Hi, I'm new to OBS, and I recently just got it. I tried recording Minecraft, but it turns out kind of low quality, and with quite a bit of lag in the recording (.mov). My bitrate is 2500kb and (I don't know if this is helpfuI) still have about 26gb left on my mac. Please help, thank you. Oh yeah...