1. S

    Can't apply LUT, Crashes

    So I did eventually manage to apply the LUT in the end, actually. But here's what happens: When I click "browse" in the Apply LUT filter, the window opens up with all the LUTs, but after a second or so OBS "crashes". What I eventually figured out is that OBS has not really crashed, and if I...
  2. Steve Seguin

    Non-OBS Script Online Color Correcting LUT maker 2019.10.25

    Using the provided free web tool, and freely obtainable Color Samples (via a local paint shop), you can create Colour Correcting LUTs for OBS. Works with any camera. I also provided a video walk-thru on how to use the software and created LUTs. The software is free and open-source, so I welcome...
  3. E

    Avoid Washed out Colors while streaming (wide gamut monitors) - LUT solution

    Common Problem : Some people are experiencing a big issue with OBS while streaming with a wide gamut monitor and a custom ICC profile like "Monitor native or adobeRGB or DCI-P3" icc profiles : Colors are washed out on the stream (twitch / youtube for example). My solution requires Photoshop...