1. 700hours

    Free Yet Another Audio Duplicator 1.1 patch

    Yet Another Audio Duplicator When using a capture device and working with HDMI audio routing, typically the capture device needs the audio to flow through the HDMI connection. If the idea is to hear the audio from the source device and capture it, an alternative from listening to the device on...
  2. A

    Video freezes on Loop

    Hey all- I am running a media source in OBS of a loading indicator. This video is meant to loop seamlessly, but it freezes every time I reach the end of the video. Any suggestions how to fix this?
  3. P

    Question / Help Loopback audio into OBS

    hi so i somehow managed to accidentally sort this last night and get the loop back audio into OBS and do a 1.5 hour fb live stream dj set. however I've turned in on today, I've changed the stream out to twitch as fb kept copyrighting stuff etc etc. and now can't get the audio from loop back to...

    Question / Help OBS not recognizing Loopback

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to use Loopback to get game audio into OBS. I've created passthrough within Loopback, but they do not appear in OBS as audio inputs. In my system sound settings, they appear DO as audio inputs though, which makes me think it's an OBS issue. I've restarted all...