logitech c922 pro

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    Logitech USB cameras

    Hi, I am using Logitech usb cameras like PTZ pro2 and C920 and c922. As well as other ptz camera from other manufacturer like Jimcom. What i am experiencing is that OBS can not handle two same sources at the same time. When connecting the second one the first one disappears and no picture...
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    Blurry image when setting Logitech C922 Pro to 1280x720?

    Just upgraded to a Logitech C922 camera because my previous one was stuck at 30fps. I got the new one hooked up and added it as a video capture device. Everything was good so far, running at 60fps but was defaulted to 4:3 for some reason. I went into the properties and set the device's...
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    Webcam unfocused on OBS, fine outside

    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with OBS and I can't find any answer online. My Logitech C922, when viewed by Logitech Capture, has a considerably better focus than it has on OBS. The left picture is from OBS and the right one is from Logitech Capture I've tried changing everything...
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    Question / Help Logitech C922 Pro Stream and MJPEG format

    Good day ... I need advice. I own a Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam and after reinstalling windows I can't set a format other than YUY2 which has a really pitiful latency. Before the reinstallation I had a choice from MJPEG but I do not have a choice now! Note in advance that I have...
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    Question / Help OBS + BLUE YETI+ Logi c922 pro sync off after 20 or 15 mins. HELP

    So, I bought a new Blue Yeti, and I was so excited to start recording and make videos for youtube. the problem start after I install OBS. ( i reinstall it 5 times and try different setting but nothing works ) I used 3 months xsplit broadcaster and was everything ok, but I don.t wanna buy the...