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    OBS Crash

    Can help, I don't know why my obs always crashes, sometimes normal obs doesn't crash but sometimes it crashes 2-5 times. I have tried OBS Log Analyzer but there is no critical issue i have try use compatibility but still crash here I include the crash log Log File ...
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    I did a search but nothing really pertaining to my issue unfortunately. I just started using speedify a few days ago, great price and performance testing was awesome, unfortunately on 2 live streams now - 1 each day the stream has had network problems forcing me to disable speedify. I'm used...
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    Bug Report OBS Works fine for a while, then randomly only captures certain part of screen

    My issue is with the game Spellbreak. Further down there'll be a link of what happens to the recording. In this case it happended after 25 min of flawless recording, but before that it took 2 hours for the bug to happen. I've included the log file of the incident...
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    Question / Help Can anyone tell me what's the difference between these 2 OBS Logs?

    Hello guys, So I recently had 2 streams done at 1080p60fps @ Medium preset. When I watched the VODs individually after the streams, I realized that one of them had some kind of stuttering throughout, while the other was crispy smooth. Both streams, I played Fortnite, and I definitely do not...
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    Question / Help Need help finding correct log file

    I've had OBS crashing randomly during my stream. It's on a separate streaming computer, with an Eglato 60 card doing the video capture and a Soundblaster doing an audio capture over an optical cable. I know I need to upload logs, but I can't just stop my stream and upload, I need to restart...