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    Trying to stream gameplay to the local network.

    I found a thread here that tells you how to stream with UDP, but it didn't work for me hardly at all. Was quite terrible in fact. I'm simply trying to stream gameplay of mine, to another TV in the house that uses a Raspberry Pi 3 to view. Unfortunately VLC on it seems to be crappy, and the other...
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    Loading files from NAS server not working

    So, guys I have a NAS and store everything on it. But for some reason it does not work with linux. On windows I have added the path to the server and it works but on my linux PC it does not. When giving a path to the OBS picture I do //server_ip/path/to/pic.png Any ideas?
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    Donations trigger insert into local database...

    I'm new to Streamlabs OBS but not all that new to programming and API development. I'm looking for ways that when a viewer makes a donation via Paypal (Or any other provider), a local "Process" (Script, API call) inserts a record of the donation into a local database... MySQL preferable. Has...
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    Question / Help How to use OBS to live stream on Zoom?

    Hi, Firstly, apologies for newbie question. I've search for a few days and can't find a response. I've also looked through the resources on here and can't find something that can help my usecase. My company uses Zoom to host meetings. Unfortunately, there's now case to remove Zoom. I would like...