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  1. A

    Recording lags

    Hi! I've got a little bit lags after recording my video with obs. I was searching best settings to smooth video, but i dont found it.. I have Inno3D GTX 1080 8gb Intel i7 3.4 GHz 10 GB ram Ssd 256 GB and HDD 1 TB Can somebody help me ? What settings do i need to have to smooth video...
  2. KingJef

    Lag when recording High Medium File Size setting, Do you think it is time to upgrade or just need a proper configuration?

    Hi Guys, I am planning to do a live stream as well as youtube video upload and use Streamlabs OBS since it is preconfigured(also tested it with OBS only and lagging was worst even at stream quality for some reason). When I set the Output quality to Stream it doesn't lag much but quality isn't...
  3. B

    What settings can I use?

    Hi, I am in possession of the GTX 760 and FX 6350. The equipment actually has its years, and yet shadowplay is great for recording, sometimes even at 2k, unfortunately I am not able to set OBS for streams. My friend has GTX 1050 2 GB, which is weaker and Intel i5 4th generation, my equipment...
  4. E

    Lags on preview / when record but not in game

    Hi, when i play game on my main monitors runs smooth but when i look at other monitor on preview in OBS it kind of looks like frames are dropping even if i'm not recording or streaming, just a preview itself looks bad. I tried to check what happens with recording and recorded video has same lags...
  5. M

    how can i fixing lags during recording

    Hi everyone! I want to record gameplays for youtube. Streaming on twitch works fine but when i want to record i have always muliple laggs. I want to recorde Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. My Log File is attached! Has anyone an solution to fix them? I've tried to ask Google but dont found any...
  6. G

    Question / Help My video is laggy and blurry

    Hi, i wanted to record video on my youtube channel but when i record video is very laggy and blurry. In game and preview everything is fine. my pc spec: -ryzen 1500x -rx 580 8gb -16 gb log:
  7. M

    Question / Help Video lagging altho nothing is wrong really

    I used to record normally and everything was fine until today, I started recording just as I normally do and when I looked at the file afterwards it was hella laggy... Ill attach my settings
  8. S

    Question / Help OBS Recording works fine but live streaming lags like hell

    Hello, I am new here. Actually I have a gaming Youtube Channel and Facebook page. When I tries to Play an Online game (Apex legends, PUBG etc) and tries to Live stream those on my channel or fb wall it lags a lot. I have lost 50-100 subscribers for this laggy stream. I will be really greatfull...
  9. J

    Question / Help Drawdown fps in OBS Studio for any running game

    Before talking about the problem, the main components of my PC are: CPU: i7 8700k (4,8 GHz); RAM: 16GB (3000 MHz); GPU: GeForce RTX 2080 8Gb; SSD: Samsung 970 PRO 512 Gb; In system 2 monitors: Acer Predator XB271HU (2560x1440); HP 24er (1920x1080). With regard to the speed of the Internet...