laggy output

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    Question / Help Laggy output videos.

    Hi! Whenever I record with obs, after I watch the clip back, it's super laggy and skips around a lot. The log files are in the attachments. Thanks (LOG FILE)
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    Question / Help high encoding problem (please help)

    my OBS recently has had this weird problem when i try to record minecraft in 1080p with facecam. it says high encoding and makes my recordings laggy. i dont know why all of the sudden i cannot record in 1080p and its really annoying. sometimes I fix it by editing the source outputs and stuff but...
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    Question / Help Video lagging altho nothing is wrong really

    I used to record normally and everything was fine until today, I started recording just as I normally do and when I looked at the file afterwards it was hella laggy... Ill attach my settings